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Career or Home: Where Should a Wife Find Her Satisfaction

Jasmine HolmesNov 7, 2018

What should satisfy wives is the same thing that should satisfy husbands.


Have A Heart On Social Media

Jasmine HolmesMay 9, 2018

Be like Jesus, even on social media. All of his dimensions and interactions can teach us something. Like the fact that there is a time and place for a tender heart and a time and place for flipping tables.


Be The Change You Want To See On The Internet

Jasmine HolmesApr 30, 2018

I’m not making these proclamations as a voice from on high. My social media forays bring out just as much pettiness in me as I see in others. If we’re talking logs and specks, I’m walking around with a California redwood lodged in my eye. Here are three things I would love to see less of (and more of) on social media.


Top Twenty-Eight Black History Reads

Jasmine HolmesApr 16, 2018

Black history is American history, which means it’s not just relegated to one month every year. So I challenge you to pick up a few of these throughout the rest of 2018!

Culture, Ethnicity, Justice

A Letter to My Son on My 28th Birthday

Jasmine HolmesApr 7, 2018

It’s your mama’s birthday today. You give her strength. You give her hope. You are the best gift she could ever ask for. She hopes you’re a gift of grace to this fragmented world.


The Trouble With Books About Biblical Womanhood

Jasmine HolmesMar 30, 2018

This column is me trying to encourage you to see womanhood, not as a tiny, segmented box that we all have to fit into, but a gift from God that’s intricately woven into his story in creation.


Making Home In Mississippi

Jasmine HolmesMar 24, 2018

This move involved me submitting to my husband’s leadership. But it involved sacrifices for all of us. As we continue to forge our family’s identity  — as both of us continue to make this the Holmes home  — I’m grateful for every lesson that comes my way.


Womanhood Without A Checklist

Jasmine HolmesMar 17, 2018

It’s not my job to give you a checklist. That scares some people. They read my blog and think what the heck will these women do if they don’t have the caricature to live by?! The answer: the Word.


White-Knuckling, Navel-Gazing, & Womanhood

Jasmine HolmesMar 8, 2018

We can break free. We can walk by the truth of the Scripture and leave the culture baggage right there on the shelf.


Propaganda and Biblical Womanhood

Jasmine HolmesMar 4, 2018

We have a choice. We can rely on the sword of Truth, or on the sword of an old-school propaganda technique.


On Being a Grown Up: A Follow-Up Post

Jasmine HolmesFeb 24, 2018

Not everyone will like this growth process, and, truly, that’s okay. Not everyone will be on the same journey, and that’s all right, too. But growing up is never easy.


Regrets of a “Stay-At-Home” Daughter

Jasmine HolmesFeb 19, 2018

I’ve been told more than once that I’m shockingly normal. Not because I have three heads or a third eye or a tail, but because my dad wrote books about strong, godly families and people are curious to see how his strong, godly daughter turned out. I tease my husband that my childhood dreams of…