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What About Titus 2?

Jasmine HolmesDec 10, 2017

We want to have a home that is by the Book. We are also children of the twenty-first century who are trying to learn to separate our twenty-first-century cultural baggage from what’s actual God-breathed wisdom.

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Motherhood, Pregnancy

When Motherhood Leads To Mourning

Jasmine HolmesNov 30, 2017

I write as the mother of three babies, two I of whom I will never get to hold. I write reaching my hands out to my sisters who have experienced a similar pain. You are not alone.

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Can My Son Be Friends With White People?

Jasmine HolmesNov 13, 2017

We know we are one in Christ. But the knowledge of those truths does not eradicate the hardship of living them out here on earth.

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Is Stay-At-Home Motherhood A Luxury?

Jasmine HolmesNov 12, 2017

Is being a stay-at-home mom a luxury? Depends on who you ask.

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Ninth Graders, Know-It-Alls, And Social Justice

Jasmine HolmesNov 4, 2017

I am burrowing further into the ease of refereeing lively ninth-grade conversations, and further away from the high-schoolish antics of the adults dialogue.

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Confessions Of A New Mississippian

Jasmine HolmesOct 22, 2017

The other day, I turned over my expired Texas license and officially admitted to the DMV that I am a permanent resident of Mississippi. I’ve been thinking a lot about what that means. Whenever someone asks me what it’s like living in Mississippi, I always say, “The Help.” To clarify, Kathryn Stockett is a genius, and not just because she captured southern racism. She also gets the unwritten rules and subtext of social life in the deep south. I have no fear of being denied entry into a bathroom. In spite of its baggage (and perhaps a bit because of…

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Timeout For A Love Story

Jasmine HolmesOct 3, 2017

75% of the time, my husband is God’s answer to my prayers in ways that I never predicted, but 100% of the time, he is God’s sweetest earthly grace to me. 

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Shame and the Cool Christian Girl

Jasmine HolmesSep 24, 2017

It’s been quiet on the blog lately. This fall brought two speaking engagements (a new thing for me), my fifth year of teaching, a new job for my husband, and life with a toddler. But I’m back to share a few thoughts. And I’m trying hard not to apologize for being away. I love writing here, and I love that there are people who want to read what I write. But you guys know that I love my three-dimensional life more. So I won’t apologize. Which is hard for me; not apologizing. And I know I’m not the only one…

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Homemaking Is Not the Most Important Part of My Identity

Jasmine HolmesAug 24, 2017

Wifehood, motherhood, and homemaking are not the beginning and end of my identity. While important, I am allowed to have other gifts and callings.

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What Depression Taught Me About Biblical Womanhood

Jasmine HolmesAug 14, 2017

The phrase “biblical womanhood” is often a sweet Jesus Juke that silences the discontent that could lead us to the Cross.

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The Wright Style Review: Preferred Patterns and Price Compared to LuLaRoe

Jasmine HolmesAug 2, 2017

These two dresses have been a fabulous addition to my fledgling wardrobe. One step closer to having a personal style, y’all. It’s coming!

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That Time I Tweeted About Biblical Womanhood

Jasmine HolmesJul 30, 2017

We must base our understanding of meritorious womanhood on the Gospel that applies to real women.

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