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So You Hate Biblical Womanhood

As you’re on this journey to learn what the Bible actually says about women and to reconcile it with what you always thought it said, do you ever struggle with guilt or cognitive dissonance?

It’s Not About Biblical Womanhood

Where in the world did a book about race and identity come from?

Expectations Nearly Killed My Marriage

Not all expectations kill marriages. Just the ones that unburden wives around the house.

Learning to Be a Daughter When I’m No Longer a Kid

“Are you Voddie Baucham’s daughter?”

My Own Cool Girl

I help my husband when I’m on mission. I help my husband when I’m more concerned with the boundary lines of Scripture than those of culture.

More Than a Love Story

I want to talk about the “cool Christian girl” we so often paint in our heads. I want to talk about the Proverbs 31 woman and how she’s not a law for our day-to-day lives, but a tableau for all kinds of facets of womanhood. I want to talk about Deborah. Priscilla. Phoebe. But first, we…

You are enough.

Many conservative Christian women have grown up with an ideal of what it means to be a “biblical woman.”

Why I’m standing on the shoulders of Frederick Douglass

“I can’t believe I grew up in Mississippi my entire life and didn’t learn a thing about Fannie Lou Hamer.”

The Single Person’s Search for Intimacy

The other night, my best friend and I watched a show together from a thousand miles away.

“A Strong Black Woman” — Reflections on Feminism and Womanhood

“What do you want to do…be like Jasmine? She’s just a teacher; she makes hardly anything. She’ll get married and stay home and disappear.”