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My Baby’s Heart Stopped Beating

Jasmine HolmesJan 27, 2015

My intentions for my child’s life were not the Lord’s intentions, and my timetable was not his timetable. He chose for that tiny person’s purpose to be fulfilled through seven weeks of life.

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Five Lies You Should Reject About Your Breakup

Jasmine HolmesMay 1, 2014

This is not an article where I give the secrets to how not to do dating. This is an article written to my sisters who’ve experienced the pain of a breakup.

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You Can’t Love Me For Me

Jasmine HolmesFeb 14, 2014

I don’t need someone to love me for “me.” I need them to love me for all that Christ is on my behalf.

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“A Strong Black Woman” — Reflections on Feminism and Womanhood

Jasmine HolmesJan 22, 2014

Growing up, little girls are told, “Be a strong black woman, we need more of those.” I heard the challenge and accepted. But at some point, my goals radically changed.

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What to Do When Men Don’t Pursue: Seven Truths for Single Women

Jasmine HolmesDec 4, 2013

Men need to pursue. Here are seven things women should remember when they’re dealing with a passive man.

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Beauty, Ethnicity

Color Struck and the Diversity of Brown Skin

Jasmine HolmesJul 13, 2013

God put chestnuts, chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, and pecans all under the same roof just because he’s creative like that. He sees the diversity of brown skin and loves it.

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Love Before Love Comes: Six Ways Singles Can Love While They Wait

Jasmine HolmesJun 17, 2013

Christians are called to love, not just that special one, but everyone they encounter — enemies and friends. As a single, you can love before love comes.

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