This Is Not a Mommy Blog

This is not a mommy blog.

Not that there is anything wrong with mommy blogs.

I spent yesterday morning in a brainstorming session about the mom’s ministry at our church. There is incredible value in being able to meet with like-minded women in the same season of life. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to commiserate about breastfeeding woes, postpartum body image, discipline, and sex with people who just get it.

I get that. And there are tons of places on the Internet that are just for that. And they’re great!

But this is not that place.

No, this blog is for all women — not just moms or moms-to-be, working women or homemakers, singles or wives. It’s for women who love the Lord and his Church, and who desire to live rich lives for his glory! It’s for women whose identities aren’t planted in their husbands or children, in their careers and aspirations, but firmly in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Because while mommy spaces are great, there also needs to be room for us to be grown and shaped by individuals who are in a different stage of life than we are. There needs to be space for married women to encourage single women instead of treating them like wayward little girls who don’t know how to lock down a man. There needs to be a place for single women to encourage new moms instead of rolling their eyes about hearing about that newborn yet again. There needs to be a space for stay at home moms to seek to understand career moms (and vice versa) instead of locking horns and trying to prove the validity of how they spend 9-5.

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There needs to be space for women to empathize with the unique struggles of their sisters in Christ — regardless of whether or not they are currently experiencing the same struggle.

There needs to be space for the older, wiser single sister to call the married twentysomething out on bashing her husband. For the twentysomething married woman to support the twentysomething single, who is tired of the wait. For the woman who is struggling with infertility to be told by the woman with eight kids that she is not half of a woman because she is not a mother yet. For the woman who has never lost a child to console the woman who has had three miscarriages.

There needs to be a place for women of all backgrounds to be encouraged together.

So. There will be mommy posts here because I’m a mom who wants to encourage other moms on this journey. And there will be posts about single women here because I am married, but I haven’t got amnesia. And there will be all kinds of posts that pertain to all sorts of aspects of who we are as women in the faith — not just the homemaking issues (although those will be represented), but beyond!

There is nothing wrong with mommy blogs. They are beautiful places!

But this is not a mommy blog. Hopefully, it’s a place where all kinds of women can come to be encouraged and can be inspired to go forth and encourage, challenge, and edify one another to the glory of God.

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