A Neat Discovery on My Natural Hair Journey

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Two years ago this June, I walked into a barber shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, and terrified the man who’d made my appointment over the phone: “I want you to cut it all off.” He stared at me, blinking in wide-eyed shock, and stammered, “Are you sure?” I smiled and nodded, hopped into his chair, and walked out an hour later with my wiry collar-bone length hair reduced to an inch of curls on top of my head.

My natural hair journey started when I was sixteen years old. I hadn’t had a perm in almost ten years, but I had been flat-ironing and hot combing my hair on a regular basis for years. The first few months after I said no to the heated styling tools, I spent countless hours online and in the aisle of my local grocery store trying to figure out the miracle product to enliven my curls. I had no idea what the phrase heat damage meant, or that I had a head full of it.

The Beginning of a New Journey

I went back and forth between the hot comb and the twist-outs for ten more years before I stepped into a natural hair salon. They explained that years of applying heat (and often dye) to my strands had fried them beyond recognition, and the healthiest thing for me to do would be to cut my hair.

It took me another year to follow through, but when I did, I was shocked at how completely different this new crop of hair growing out of my head was from anything I’d ever experienced before. I was in love! And also terrified of damaging my locks again. Once more, I found myself scouring YouTube videos, product reviews, and the recommendations of friends to find products that “Wild Mike” (a nickname for my hair dubbed by my brother) loved.

Enter: NRGK Butter Bodycare

The Product

When the kind folks at NRGK offered to send me a sample of their hair care products, I was ecstatic. I am a total product junkie; last time my husband and I moved, he threatened to put me in a twelve-step program if I didn’t throw some of it away.

I have tried everything, from shampoos to leave-ins, from styling gels to oils. NRGK’s whipped hair & body cream and organic black soap shampoo showed up on my doorstep right in time for wash day.

The Process

I went through my usual hair regimen of washing and twisting my hair using the new products. My favorite is the shampoo! While it looked watery in my palm, I quickly discovered that a little bit goes a long way and leads to the most satisfying lather.

It left my hair feeling light and clean without that scary, stripped down “squeaky clean” feeling, and didn’t tangle my strands the way that most shampoos do. My husband loves it as well and has deemed it his go to shampoo. Since discovering it in our shower, he has used it twice in one week.

NRGK shampoo contains black soap, which is known as a very gentle cleanser that won’t remove more moisture than is necessary. On its own, it left my hair shiny and moisturized. When added to the hair and body butter, I was able to lock in the moisture and smooth my hair for my twists. I’ve also used the body butter as a moisturizer for my skin.

NRGK products are also 100% natural. Their shampoo is suitable for all hair types, so not just curly girls need to apply. And their body butter is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Check out this 100% natural shampoo by NRGK. Jasmine’s readers get 15% off until May 1st.” quote=”Check out this 100% natural shampoo by NRGK. Jasmine’s readers get 15% off until May 1st.”]

The Verdict

I’ve washed my hair three times since I got this shampoo, and I’ve used it every single time. I texted all of my friends after the first wash to let them know that they needed to get their hands on it, so when NRGK asked me to review it, the answer was easy.

My journey towards embracing my natural hair has taught me a lot about myself, and about what it means to be a good steward of the body the Lord has given me. NRGK’s black soap shampoo has become a staple ingredient on this journey, and I’m excited to share about this product with you, whatever your hair type or texture!

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