To write on a regular basis, pay for the costs associated with hosting and maintaining the site, and provide readers with a high-quality site, we decided to monetize the blog. Our goal is to do this in a way that is mutually beneficial to all involved — readers, sponsors/merchants, and me. We want to introduce you to retailers that we think you will be interested in and will serve you well. We also want to ensure our integrity isn’t compromised in the process.

Currently, we have ads (right sidebar) on the site, and I’ve reviewed a product. In the future, we intend to become an Amazon Associate. So expect to see more ads on the blog, product reviews, and links to Amazon products that we recommend.

Why am I telling you this?

First, I want you to know how you can support the blog. Click on the ads if you see something that interests you. Consider purchasing products I review and link to if it’s something you can use. Everytime you click on a link, read a product review, and purchase something through our site, you enable me to write and maintain the site. If you’re interested in simply supporting us financially, you can partner through Patreon.

Second, I wanted to assure you that I will never recommend a product that I haven’t personally vetted. Nor will I review a product that I don’t think my readers will be interested in. Merchants who ask me to review a product compensate me for my time, not for a good review. If I’m unable to give a good review for a product, we have rules in place to protect the integrity of my reviews. In other words, if I can’t endorse it, the article will not be published. Most Amazon links will be products my family has used and that I love. If I link to anything I haven’t use, it will be noted.

Discount Codes and Sponsor Ads will not be vetted with the same standard as the products we review. We are simply unable to review every company or book that desires to purchase an ad on our site. We also can’t vet entire stores that may send us discount codes for their site. We ask that you use discretion when you click on ads and use discount codes. Nevertheless, we’ll do what we can to protect you and only allow ads that we believe are relevant to our audience, high quality, and theologically sound.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in advertising on the site, feel free to contact me here. Thanks again for reading and supporting my blog.