On Being a Grown Up: A Follow-Up Post

When I published “Regrets of a Stay-At-Home Daughter,” I knew that most of the Reformed world would have limited context for the subculture that I referenced. But those who did had a lot to say, both positive (overwhelmingly) and negative (persistently).

If I get caught up in the vicious cycle of responding to every critique with 800 words, this site will be 90% response articles.

Still, I’m learning how not to respond to every critique. It’s hard to separate the healthy shrug of, “I really don’t have time to hold everyone’s hand through every single article I write” and the unhealthy hiding from opinions that challenge mine.

Hopefully, this article walks that tightrope of helpful clarification and a nice, solid boundary. Continue reading “On Being a Grown Up: A Follow-Up Post”

Regrets of a “Stay-At-Home” Daughter

I’ve been told more than once that I’m shockingly normal. Not because I have three heads or a third eye or a tail, but because my dad wrote books about strong, godly families and people are curious to see how his strong, godly daughter turned out. I tease my husband that my childhood dreams of […]

A Conversation With Cataphant

A few weeks ago, one of my dearest friends sent me a care package. She’d included a few of my favorite things: two vampy lipsticks, a bar of oatmeal soap, and a gorgeous pair of floral earrings. The earrings were unlike anything I’d ever bought before. They were beautifully hand-painted and surprisingly lightweight for being […]