White-Knuckling, Navel-Gazing, & Womanhood

A few weeks ago, a very concerned reader came across my article “What About Titus 2?”

He read the part where I said my husband had taken over meal-planning.

This reader  — we’ll call him Jedediah  — was not having it.

Is not getting your husband to do more work because you cannot be bothered being unsupportive?

Or are men and women just gender flexible?

Good old Jed went on to say that my husband doing housework under the guise of sacrificially loving his wife (as he asserted that husbands are commanded to do) was the moral equivalent of a man cross-dressing.

Jed’s reaction to my post was so strong that I went back to read it again. Twice. Just to make sure that I hadn’t painted the picture of Phillip slaving away in a skirt while I lorded over him on the couch, eating bonbons and catching up on America’s Next Top Model.

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