Top Twenty-Eight Black History Reads

This February, I decided to take to Twitter with my favorite reads for Black History Month. The hashtag (#youthinkyouwokebutyousleeping) turned out to be the most fun I’ve had all year. I love reading. I particularly love African American literature and history. I love teaching. I particularly love teaching about my favorite reads. Some of my recommendations were novels, some were memoirs, some were poems, and a few were songs.

I promised that I would get the list on my blog by the end of March, and I almost made it. I’ve replaced the song recommendations here with more book recommendations. I started the hashtag on February 5, so I’m adding a few more. Black history is American history, which means it’s not just relegated to one month every year. So I challenge you to pick up a few of these throughout the rest of 2018! Continue reading “Top Twenty-Eight Black History Reads”

Making Home In Mississippi

This move involved me submitting to my husband’s leadership. But it involved sacrifices for all of us. As we continue to forge our family’s identity  — as both of us continue to make this the Holmes home  — I’m grateful for every lesson that comes my way.

Womanhood Without A Checklist

It’s not my job to give you a checklist. That scares some people. They read my blog and think what the heck will these women do if they don’t have the caricature to live by?! The answer: the Word.