A Conversation With Cataphant

A few weeks ago, one of my dearest friends sent me a care package.

She’d included a few of my favorite things: two vampy lipsticks, a bar of oatmeal soap, and a gorgeous pair of floral earrings. The earrings were unlike anything I’d ever bought before. They were beautifully hand-painted and surprisingly lightweight for being as big and bold as they were. I had to know who made them and where I could get a pair. I can’t leave the house wearing them without someone asking me the same questions.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting their talented creator, Catalina, over the phone. She was gracious enough to send me a second pair of earrings that were just as lovely as the first. And, yes, I’ve already bought a third pair. Don’t judge me.  Continue reading “A Conversation With Cataphant”

Beginning At The Beginning

We’re so used to battling out the minutiae of woman’s identity. But we can’t understand that apart from mankind’s broader calling from creation.

What About Titus 2?

We want to have a home that is by the Book. We are also children of the twenty-first century who are trying to learn to separate our twenty-first-century cultural baggage from what’s actual God-breathed wisdom.