Have A Heart On Social Media

I always go back and forth before I post things about social media. 

For one thing, I’m incredibly active on social media. So, as I said in my last post, when I write about logs and specks, I have enough kindling in my eye to build a raging fire (really gross imagery; I’m sorry about that). For another thing, social media is not real life; it’s a host of people bypassing in-person intimacy for the convenience of a screen. But in another sense, social media is definitely real life, because it’s powered by real people saying real words (Luke 6:45) that they will really be held accountable for (Matthew 12:36). And hearts are definitely bruised by these exchanges.

My heart is burdened by the way we do social media. Even though it’s just social media.

“It’s just social media” means that, yes, you can just log off after you’ve had your fun. But all of the hurt and hubris that swirled around logs off with us. Especially when it’s time for our tribe to go to war. Continue reading “Have A Heart On Social Media”

Be The Change You Want To See On The Internet

I’m not making these proclamations as a voice from on high. My social media forays bring out just as much pettiness in me as I see in others. If we’re talking logs and specks, I’m walking around with a California redwood lodged in my eye. Here are three things I would love to see less of (and more of) on social media.

Making Home In Mississippi

This move involved me submitting to my husband’s leadership. But it involved sacrifices for all of us. As we continue to forge our family’s identity  — as both of us continue to make this the Holmes home  — I’m grateful for every lesson that comes my way.

Womanhood Without A Checklist

It’s not my job to give you a checklist. That scares some people. They read my blog and think what the heck will these women do if they don’t have the caricature to live by?! The answer: the Word.