Sweet Hairlooms Review: Are You Looking for Awesome Hair Accessories?

I received this product for free to review. I also received compensation for my time, not for a positive review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. I only review products I believe are high quality and products I think will interest my readers. For more information, see the “Disclosure” page.

We’ve talked about hair a couple of times on the blog, so it should come as no surprise that natural hair is one of my favorite topics. I love empowering black women to embrace their natural roots and equipping them with products that encourage growth, maintenance, and confidence. I also love pointing all kinds of women to products that work.

But you won’t see me starting a natural hair YouTube channel or posting Instagram tutorials anytime soon because I have got to be the laziest natural on the planet. I wash my hair, wear it in twists, wear it in the style you see in my profile pic, pull the bangs back, wash, and repeat. That is the extent of my hair adventure.

So, when Misty Marr contacted me about reviewing some products from Lilla Rose, I was a bit hesitant.

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