The One Where I Help You Reconcile the Old and New Me

old and new me

The day before my twenty-fifth birthday, my husband drove me to a tattoo parlor and said, “It’s time.”

I walked out about thirty minutes later with the nose ring I had long desired. It took two years for someone to email me about that ring, which is a bit of a record, since, as both a pastor’s kid and a young adult blogger, I have had my fair share of people being annoyed, intrigued, and outraged by the things I choose to do.

“You didn’t have a nose ring in Return of the Daughters,” the commenter bemoaned, “so why do you have one now?”

Her frustration is a familiar refrain and a subject that I have been hesitant to write about until now. Because I’m obviously not the same girl, I was when I appeared in Return of the Daughters — but not in any way that’s worth a tell-all expose. This is just a post to help you reconcile the old and new me.

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