What About Titus 2?

This week, my husband took over the meal planning.

We are loving it.

He arranges the menu and emails me the grocery list; I put the grocery list into Kroger’s Clicklist; he picks up the groceries on the way home from work. Sometimes, we cook together, but, often, I cook alone. My least favorite part of meal-prep has been taken off of my hands.

I love it so much, and it’s somewhat familiar. Since my dad worked from home and loves to cook, the meals were a 60/40 split in his favor. I know from experience that kitchen stuff is not just women’s work.

I also know that we tend to have a hard time not seeing home-work that way. “She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens,” right?

Not a lot of passages in the Scriptures speak directly to women. So when they do, we’ve generally made them hills to die on. Continue reading “What About Titus 2?”

Confessions Of A New Mississippian

The other day, I turned over my expired Texas license and officially admitted to the DMV that I am a permanent resident of Mississippi. I’ve been thinking a lot about what that means. Whenever someone asks me what it’s like living in Mississippi, I always say, “The Help.” To clarify, Kathryn Stockett is a genius, […]