Can My Son Be Friends With White People?

This weekend, I read a New York Times opinion piece that I knew I was going to be seeing all over social media today. It’s titled, Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” by a professor named Ekow N. Yankah.

The clickbait title worked like a charm. Within two minutes, I was knee-deep in a loving father’s raw honesty about his fears for his son. I take Yankah at his word when he says,

“I do not write this with liberal condescension or glee. My heart is unbearably heavy when I assure you that we cannot be friends.”

I say that I take Yankah at his word because I am sure a lot of readers won’t. If a white author had titled an article similarly “Can My Children Be Friends With Black People,” I’m sure that any answer other than a resounding yes would have been called gross racism and dismissed outright. But I believe less racism is at the heart of this father’s concern than cynicism.

In many ways, his heart is a mirror of my own.

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