Timeout For A Love Story

When I met Phillip, just one day shy of my twenty-third birthday, I was limping on the heels of a really horrific breakup.

My heart had been so badly bruised by a guy back home in Texas that I wanted to do anything to get a Sunday away from the sympathetic glances of our tiny community. I begged my dad to take me to TGC’s 2013 conference in Orlando for my birthday.

Meanwhile, a couple of states over in Mississippi, Phillip was making last minute plans to attend the same conference.

I met him my first day there.

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Shame and the Cool Christian Girl

It’s been quiet on the blog lately. This fall brought two speaking engagements (a new thing for me), my fifth year of teaching, a new job for my husband, and life with a toddler. But I’m back to share a few thoughts. And I’m trying hard not to apologize for being away. I love writing […]

Be Kind To Yourself

It’s harder than the culture’s notion that we are perfect and more complex than the inner voice that screams that we are worthless worms in every way. Be kind to yourself.