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So You Hate Biblical Womanhood

As you’re on this journey to learn what the Bible actually says about women and to reconcile it with what you always thought it said, do you ever struggle with guilt or cognitive dissonance?

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Womanhood Without A Checklist

It’s not my job to give you a checklist. That scares some people. They read my blog and think what the heck will these women do if they don’t have the caricature to live by?! The answer: the Word.

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Are You Tired of The Hot Mess Mom?

“So, have you noticed that it’s a lot easier to take care of your home now? You know, since you’re not working anymore and can focus fully on your responsibilities?” I smiled and thought, That’s not loaded at all. I said, “It’s been great to be on summer vacation, but I’ve actually felt like I’ve…

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