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Relationships, Technology

Why Your Smartphone Is a Direct Threat to Your Friendships

Jasmine HolmesJun 26, 2017

To use our smartphones as a haven from the messiness of face-to-face, three-dimensional friendship is the enemy of authentic intimacy.

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Your Singleness Is Not Punishment for Your Imperfection

Jasmine HolmesJun 22, 2017

Marriage is neither the cure for sin nor the reward for saintliness. Your singleness is not your punishment.

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The Tragedy and Injustice in How We Will Leverage Philando Castille’s Death

Jasmine HolmesJun 16, 2017

Philando Castille’s death is a tragedy, and so is the way we will leverage it for our platforms.

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Beauty, Sponsored

Sweet Hairlooms Review: Are You Looking for Awesome Hair Accessories?

Jasmine HolmesJun 16, 2017

I’m excited to share three of my favorite Sweet Hairlooms Lilla Rose products with you.

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The Most Painful Lies Stay-At-Home Moms Tell Themselves

Jasmine HolmesJun 15, 2017

In my brief stint as a stay-at-home mom, I’m learning four lies that need to be constantly combated.

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Why We Should Stop Saying “I’m Not Like Other Women”

Jasmine HolmesJun 8, 2017

Saying “I’m not like other women” just perpetuates the lie that real women can only fit into one stereotype. We’ve got to stop!

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How to Survive Your First Year of Motherhood

Jasmine HolmesJun 6, 2017

I am not a mom expert, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone who’s in the trenches right alongside you, reminding you of the things you might already know.

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Our Teachings on Purity Must Be Rooted in Scripture

Jasmine HolmesJun 2, 2017

Our current emphasis on the purity role women play regarding men’s lust neither honors women nor respects men. Even worse, it’s not rooted in Scripture.

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Beauty, Culture, Ethnicity

Three Things That Will Help You Understand Natural Hair

Jasmine HolmesMay 25, 2017

This is not a complete apologetic on black hair care — but I hope it is helpful in spurring on this continuing conversation.

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Single For a Reason: Eight Lies We Tell Unmarried Women

Jasmine HolmesMay 22, 2017

Imperfect people get married every day. So why are we telling single people that perfection will bring them a spouse?

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House Keeping

This Is Not a Mommy Blog

Jasmine HolmesMay 18, 2017

This blog is for all women who love the Lord and his Church, and who desire to live rich lives for his glory!

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Biblical Womanhood Doesn’t Begin and End in Proverbs 31

Jasmine HolmesMay 16, 2017

Biblical womanhood doesn’t begin and end in Proverbs 31. It begins in Genesis. It ends in Revelation. It is found in the entire redemptive story.

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